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How it works

Understand your unique audience

Vlogmi analyzes the web identifying trends across any audience or community online. Leveraging user-specific real-time data, Vlogmi AI provides valuable insights and actionable suggestions to help brands engage their audience effectively and create better products.

Keep the creativity alive

Vlogmi generates content suggestions based on real-time interests and trends, ensuring that you always have fresh ideas at your fingertips.

Connect deeper

Form deeper and more personal connections with your audience by creating the content they want to engage with!

Beyond the screen

We leverage advanced audience demographics and psychographics to grow your audience, create desirable products, host successful events, and produce engaging movies, offering a holistic approach to audience engagement.

Why us?

677% view increase, 700% follower increase

We helped our customers increase their views, engagement, and follower increase in just a 3 month period.

Brands often struggle to engage their audiences and develop better products.

They waste time and resources on trends, campaigns, and misinterpret data, often without desired outcomes. This leads to missed opportunities, loss of revenue and a significant amount of time wasted.
By using our tools, brands can better understand their audiences interests and needs in real time, allowing them to post more engaging content, host better events, build more seamless products, and more!

Meet our team

Luke Thorssen

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Luke is a seasoned content creator with over 600 YouTube videos and 1000+ hours of livestreamed content as a partnered Twitch streamer. As a member of the founding team that built the largest independent record label in the Philippines, Luke has a proven track record of success in the entertainment industry, having worked with top influencers, celebrities, and e-sports professionals.
Luke was also selected as a lead mentor at UT Austin's Longhorn Startup Lab, where he shares his entrepreneurial insights with aspiring innovators.

Rafaella Chavez Thorssen

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

With over 50 million views on content created and directed for prominent artists and influencers, Rafaella is a seasoned social media professional. She has directly collaborated with leading figures in the entertainment industry, providing social media management and direction.
Both Rafaella and Luke were featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 List Austin, as well as Austin Inno's 25 Under 25.

Leandro Vallejos

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Scott Jenkins

Director of Strategic Partnerships

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