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How it works

Understand your unique audience

Vlogmi’s AI analyzes real-time data to uncover deep insights into your unique audiences preferences, behaviors, and interests. With a deeper understanding of your fans interests, you can create content that resonates with your target audience!

Keep the creativity alive

Vlogmi generates content suggestions based on real-time interests and trends, ensuring that you always have fresh ideas at your fingertips.

Connect deeper

Form deeper and more personal connections with your fans by creating the content they want to engage with!

Beat the algorithm

Social platforms initially display your posts to a select group, known as "power followers." If this group engages well, the platform extends your post's reach to a broader audience. Successful navigation through this process may land your post on the "explore feed," exposing it to new users. Vlogmi identifies and tracks your dynamic "power followers," ensuring sustained high engagement rates within your audience, enhancing your chances of reaching the explore page consistently.

Why us?

377% view increase, 1946% follower increase.

We helped our customers increase their views, engagement, and follower increase in just a 3 month period.

How do we help marketers?

We understand that influencers sponsored content often underperforms. That's why we provide a subscription for marketers to grant access to their influencers for branded campaigns.
By using our tools, influencers can create branded content that is more authentic and resonates with their audience, resulting in better performance for the campaign.

Meet our team

Luke Thorssen

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Luke is a seasoned content creator with over 600 YouTube videos and 1000+ hours of livestreamed content as a partnered Twitch streamer. As a member of the founding team that built the largest independent record label in the Philippines, Luke has a proven track record of success in the entertainment industry, having worked with top influencers, celebrities, and e-sports professionals.
Luke was also selected as a lead mentor at UT Austin's Longhorn Startup Lab, where he shares his entrepreneurial insights with aspiring innovators.

Rafaella Chavez Thorssen

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

With over 50 million views on content created and directed for prominent artists and influencers, Rafaella is a seasoned social media professional. She has directly collaborated with leading figures in the entertainment industry, providing social media management and direction.
Both Rafaella and Luke were featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 List Austin, as well as Austin Inno's 25 Under 25.

Leandro Vallejos

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Thorssen


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